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Now China Wants Okinawa, Site of U.S. Bases in Japan,  The Daily Beast, December 31, 2015  


Japan, South Korea Reach Historic Agreement on 'Comfort Women,', December 30, 2015  


Will 2016 Bring the Collapse of China's Economy?, December 29, 2015  


New Anti-Terrorism Law Will Force Tech Companies Out of China,, December 27, 2015  


China Threatens to Shoot Down Australian Planes,, December 24, 2015  


Involuntary Servitude in China's Cockpits,, December 20, 2015  


US Diplomat is Roughed-Up in Scuffle in Beijing,, December 17, 2015  


Is This Pop Star in Bed With Kim Jong Un?  The Daily Beast, December 15, 2015  


How Do You Say 'R2-D2' in Chinese?, December 13, 2015  


'Airpocalypse' in Beijing,, December 10, 2015  


China and the Korean Peninsula: Why the Problems?  International Journal of Korean Studies, Spring/Summer 2015  


Kim Calls First Party Congress in 35 Years,, December 7, 2015  


Envision This: China-Made Cars to Flood U.S.,, December 6, 2015  


Time to Retaliate Against China's Cyber Espionage,, November 30, 2015  


China Won't Block Global Climate Deal in Paris, But India Might,, November 29, 2015  


Suddenly, Dialogue with North Korea Is in Vogue,, November 24, 2015  


Justin Trudeau Is Making Wrong Assumptions About China's Economy,  The Globe and Mail, November 23, 2015  


Is China Misreporting Its Foreign Exchange Reserves?, November 22, 2015  


Is China Heading to a 1930s-Style Crash?,  Gatestone Institute, November 22, 2015  


And Now ISIS Takes On China,  The Daily Beast, November 20, 2015  


China's Largest Bond Default Ever: The Last Tipping Point?, November 15, 2015  


South Korea's Dual Agendas Undermine Allies' Unity,, November 13, 2015  


China Militarizes the South China Sea,, November 13, 2015  


Welcome Back to China, Mr. Bull,, November 8, 2015  


Prospects for War,  The Cipher Brief, November 2, 2015  


China's Dangerous War Talk About the South China Sea,  The Daily Beast, November 2, 2015  


A Half Trillion Dollars Fled China in Q3,, November 1, 2015  


China's Self-Inflicted Demographic Disaster Is Here,, October 31, 2015  


Challenging China in the South China Sea,, October 30, 2015  


Will China Colonize North Korea?  The Daily Beast, October 29, 2015  


China Economist: 'Value' of Females 'Going Up,' Men Will Have to Share Wives,, October 25, 2015  


How Effective Is Obama's Cyber Deal with China?, October 20, 2015  


Watch Out, China: Google 'Ignites' Hong Kong, Taiwan Start-Ups,, October 18, 2015  


North Korea's Scary New Nuke Missiles,  The Daily Beast, October 15, 2015  


Is a US-China Showdown in South China Sea Imminent?, October 13, 2015  


Warning: The IMF's Not Worried About China,, October 11, 2015  


China Stock Crash Imperils Proposed Nicaragua Canal,, October 8, 2015  


TPP vs. RCEP: America and China Battle for Control of Pacific Trade,, October 6, 2015  


Senior China Official Proposes Punitive FX Restrictions,, October 4, 2015  


China Imposes New Capital Controls,, October 1, 2015  


China Intercepts US Aircraft Over Yellow Sea in Dangerous Maneuver,, September 29, 2015  


China and India Leaders in U.S. to Court Tech Giants,, September 27, 2015  


What the China Pacts Really Mean: Did President Xi Just Outfox President Obama?  Daily News, September 27, 2015  


State Dinner for China's Xi Jinping Is Bad Diplomacy and Bad for America,  Fox Opinion, September 25, 2015  


Is China's Economy Slowing Fast? The Reliability of Beijing's Statistics,  China-US Focus, September 22, 2015  


The U.S. Holds the High Cards and It's Time to Call China's Bluff,  The Daily Beast, September 22, 2015  


Want a Taxi in China? Don't Call Uber, Call the State,, September 20, 2015  


China Official Creates Controversy in Hong Kong,, September 17, 2015  


China Retail Sales Up 10.8%, But Consumption Will Fall Soon,, September 13, 2015  


Chinese Warships Sail into American Waters,, September 10, 2015  


China Central Bank Stakes Credibility On Unprecedented Statement,, September 6, 2015  


Beijing at the Corner of Desperation and Panic,, September 1, 2015  


2015: The Year China Goes Broke?, September 1, 2015  


China's Financial Undertakers Reporting Astounding Earnings,, August 30, 2015  


Guess Who's Coming to China's Military Parade,, August 28, 2015  


Did China Just Sucker Punch the Fed?, August 23, 2015  


Obama Toughens Stance Against China's 'Fox Hunt,', August 20, 2015  


Breaking Apart the Communist System,  The Cipher Brief, August 18, 2015  


China's Premier Tech Manufacturer Going to India,, August 16, 2015  


Devaluation and Despair: Breaking Down China's Currency Dilemma,, August 16, 2015  


China to Build Olympic Site in Nature Reserve,, August 11, 2015  


Coming Soon: China's Demographic Doomsday,, August 10, 2015  


China Crippling Its Online Financial Industry,, August 9, 2015  


Taiwan Students Storm Education Ministry,, August 6, 2015  


China Mauled Q2 Earnings, But We've Seen Nothing Yet,, August 2, 2015  


An Erosion of Confidence in China,, July 31, 2015  


China's 'Double Down': June Car Production And Sales Slump,, July 26, 2015  


North Korea Rolls Back Economic Reform,, July 23, 2015  


China's Last 'Immortal' Dies,, July 20, 2015  


Where Is China's Missing 1,850 Tons of Gold?, July 19, 2015  


Kim Jong Un Testing Anthrax On His Own People?  The Daily Beast, July 15, 2015  


Rewriting Japan's 'Peace Constitution,', July 14, 2015  


Lenovo, China's Stock Crash, And Chinese Innovation,, July 12, 2015  


China Making Stock Declines Illegal,, July 9, 2015  


Obama Breaks Protocol, Slights Top Chinese General,, July 7, 2015  


Could China's Collapsing Stock Market Take Down Its Economy?, July 7, 2015  


China's Emergency Stock Rescue Is Inadequate, Ill-Conceived,, July 5, 2015  


Panic Property Buying in China's Shenzhen,, June 28, 2015  


Fiasco for China's Allies in Hong Kong,, June 25, 2015  


China's Black Friday: Can Beijing Stop the 'Panic Selling'?, June 21, 2015  


Xi's Purge: Anticorruption or Loyalty-Based? Is It Finished Yet?, June 16, 2015  


In China, the Devil Now Wears Zara,, June 14, 2015  


China and US Cyber Security,, June 9, 2015  


This Is How You Blow $1 Trillion If You're China,, June 7, 2015  


Clash of Titans: India's 'Act East' Policy Meets China's 'Maritime Silk Road' in the South China Sea,  Journal of Political Risk, June 3, 2015  


South Korea Plays China Against America,, June 3, 2015  


Insider Alert: China Unloads Bank Shares,, May 31, 2015  


Gloria Steinem, Nobel Laureates Attempt to Cross the DMZ,, May 28, 2015  


History's Next Great War Zone: The South China Sea,  The Daily Beast, May 25, 2015  


Did China Just Launch World's Biggest Spending Plan?, May 24, 2015  


Continuing Executions in North Korea,, May 22, 2015  


The Chinese 'Century' Is Already Over,, May 19, 2015  


Move Over, Hong Kong, Shenzhen Now China's Best City for Business,, May 17, 2015  


North Korea's Black Market: Big Enough to Force Reforms?, May 14, 2015  


China's Strategy for Self-Defeat,, May 11, 2015  


China Cuts Interest Rates After Alarming Fall in Trade,, May 10, 2015  


China Creates Adversaries With South China Sea Reclamations,, May 7, 2015  


In China's Bond Market, Something Worse Than a Default,, May 3, 2015  


Shrinking China: A Demographic Crisis,  World Affairs Journal, May/June, 2015  


Are Coup Fears Keeping Kim Jong Un Home?  The Daily Beast, April 30, 2015  


China Goes After 'Economic Fugitives' in America,, April 29, 2015  


Is China Spending $100 Billion a Month Defending the Yuan?, April 26, 2015  


North Korea Looks for a New Friend, India,, April 24, 2015  


China's 'Internet Plus' Strategy, A Net Minus,, April 19, 2015  


Proliferation and Illegal Foreign Sales: Ensuring Regime Survival,  International Journal of Korean Studies, Fall/Winter 2015  


India Goes Shopping for Submarines,, April 16, 2015  


China: Did We Just Hear the Death Rattle of the Economy?, April 12, 2015  


For China and India, Diplomacy Meets Competition,, April 9, 2015  


China Bonds Expected to Default Tuesday. Another 'Fake Failure'?, April 5, 2015  


The Xi Jinping Faction in China,, April 1, 2015  


Does Iran Have Secret Nukes in North Korea?  The Daily Beast, March 29, 2015  


China Pledges 'Radical' Moves to Open Capital Account in 2015,, March 29, 2015  


Slipping the Surly Bonds,  The New York Times Book Review, March 29, 2015  


China's Never-Ending 'War on Pollution,', March 27, 2015  


The Perfect Little Police State's Dark Future,  The Daily Beast, March 23, 2015  


China's Thousand Shades of Grey: A New Campaign Against Multinationals,, March 22, 2015  


China's Infrastructure Bank Proposal Gains Traction,, March 20, 2015  


China on the Rocks,  World Money Analyst, March, 2015  


Why China Won't Manage The Great Debt Escape,, March 15, 2015  


Is China's One-Party State on the Brink?, March 10, 2015  


Yesterday's People: Taiwan Votes Against Beijing,  World Affairs Journal, March/April, 2015  


China Technocrats Driving Off Fiscal Cliff at Full Speed,, March 8, 2015  


Will Russia Buckle, Sell China Control of Its Oil Fields?, March 5, 2015  


Why China's Consumers Are Flying to Japan to Buy Toilet Seats,, March 1, 2015  


Re-monopolizing China's Industry,, February 25, 2015  


Alibaba Could Fall Behind Tencent in Crucial Mobile Business,, February 22, 2015  


Hong Kong Protests Traders from China,, February 19, 2015  


Jack Ma Says Alibaba at "Most Critical Moment" as China Starts New Investigation,, February 15, 2015  


Will Japan Flex Its Naval Power in South China Sea?, February 11, 2015  


An Ominous Chinese Military Parade,, February 9, 2015  


"Desperate" China Technocrats Worry About Balance of Payments Crisis,, February 8, 2015  


Would You Still Buy Alibaba If It Were Two-Thirds Smaller?, February 1, 2015  


Is North Korea Merchandising Armageddon by Restarting Reactor?, January 29, 2015  


Chinese Money Is Backing Putin's War,  The Daily Beast, January 28, 2015  


Improving India-US Relations Unnerves Beijing,, January 28, 2015  


China Attacks VPNs, Cutting Business Off from Internet,, January 25, 2015  


A China in Distress Is a Threat to India ,  The Sunday Guardian, January 25, 2015  


Obama to Visit the New Owner of the 21st Century, India,, January 23, 2015  


Shifting Relations in North Asia,, January 22, 2015  


China Cities Signal Property Crash By Halting Apartment Sales,, January 18, 2015  


The Hong Kong Moment: Trouble on China's Periphery,  World Affairs Journal, January/February, 2015  


Sri Lankans Boot Pro-China Government,, January 13, 2015  


First China-Made Cars Hitting U.S. Roads This Year,, January 11, 2015  


East Asia's Population 'Death Spiral,', January 6, 2015  


Hong Kong Muzzling Moody's Over China's Troubled Kaisa,, January 4, 2015  


India Blocks China's Attempt to Take Over South Asian Group,, January 2, 2015  







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