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Trump Blames China's Xi Jinping for Sabotaging the Kim Jong Un Summit,  The Daily Beast, May 23, 2018  


China is Bringing Down the Global Trade Architecture,, May 15, 2018  


Trump Cuts a Great Deal--For China,  The Daily Beast, May 15, 2018  


Kim's Capitalist Kingdom of Korea,  Fox Business, May 10, 2018  


Is China Sabotaging the North Korea Denuclearization Talks?  The Daily Beast, May 8, 2018  


Here Is Why North Korea Will Give Up Its Nuclear Weapons,, April 30, 2018  


Kim Makes Stunning Nuclear Concessions to 'Crazy Guy' Trump,  The Daily Beast, April 30, 2018  


Does Moon Jae-in Share Kim Jong Un's Dangerous Desire to Reunite the Two Koreas?  The Daily Beast, April 26, 2018  


Kim Jong Un Is "All-In." What's Next for Korea?  The Cipher Brief, April 24, 2018  


Donald Trump Has Built the Closest American-Japanese Relationship Ever,  The American Conservative, April 20, 2018  


Trump Sent Pompeo to Meet Kim: Is North Korea Outmaneuvering Trump and China?  The Daily Beast, April 18, 2018  


Trump's Letting China's Big Banks Launder North Korea's Cash,  The Daily Beast, April 16, 2018  


China Trade: Donald Trump Stares, Xi Jinping Blinks,, April 12, 2018  


Trump's Right to Say He's Not Launching a Trade War With China. He's Doing Something Bigger.  The Daily Beast, April 6, 2018  


How North Korea Could Start World War III,  The Daily Beast, April 2, 2018  


Kim Jong Un May Be in China. What Does That Mean for Trump?, March 26, 2018  


Why China Will Lose a Trade War With Trump,  The Daily Beast, March 26, 2018  


The World Should Take China's War Threats Seriously,, March 23, 2018  


Trump's Impulsive Yes to Historic Kim Summit: Inglorious or Brilliant?  The Daily Beast, March 11, 2018  


Peace Now? Be Careful. South Korea's Government May Be as Deceptive as Kim Jong Un.,  The Daily Beast, March 7, 2018  


Why the Bid to Buy Qualcomm Poses a Dire Threat to US National Security,  Fox News Opinion, March 2, 2018  


Xi Jinping: China's All-Powerful--and Possibly Last--Communist Ruler,, March 1, 2018  


North Korea 'War Criminal' Talks Peace at Olympics--Is US Pressure Finally Taking Hold?  Fox News Opinion, February 25, 2018  


The Real China Challenge: Imperial Overstretch,  The National Interest, March/April 2018  


Why China's Takeover of the Chicago Stock Exchange Would Have Been a Very Bad Thing,  Fox News Opinion, February 19, 2018  


Pence Prevents Breakup of US-South Korea Alliance,  Fox News Opinion, February 16, 2018  


Round One: Pence Hands Victory to N. Korea's Kim Yo Jong at Olympics,  The Daily Beast, February 12, 2018  


At Olympics, Pence Faces South Korea's Appeasement and North Korea's Aggression,  Fox News Opinion, February 8, 2018  


China Will 'Pull the Trigger' in the South China Sea,, February 2, 2018  


In State of the Union, Trump Goes Where Kim Jong Un Fears Most: Human Rights,  The Daily Beast, January 31, 2018  


Here's How and Why Trump's Going to Blow Up the Foundations of Davos,  The Daily Beast, January 25, 2018  


China Wants Confrontation in the South China Sea,, January 24, 2018  


A Closed Door for China Leaves an Open One for North Korea Solution,  The Hill, January 22, 2018  


'The Seoul Syndrome' and the 'Pyongyang Olympics'? South Korea on Thin Ice,  The Daily Beast, January 22, 2018  


Give Peace, and Sanctions, a Chance,  The Cipher Brief, January 17, 2018  


No Matter How Popular the Notion Is in D.C., Let's Not Start a Not So Splendid Global War by Striking North Korea,  The Daily Beast, January 10, 2018  


In Historic Korea Talks, Trump's Leading From the Sidelines,  The Daily Beast, January 8, 2018  


Kim Jong Un's Nice Guy (With a Nuclear Button) Act,  The Daily Beast, January 1, 2018  







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