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Will China Allow North Korea to Collapse?  International Journal of Korean Studies, Spring/Summer 2016  


Did Trump Renew the Nuclear Arms Race?, December 29, 2016  


Is China's Economy Past the Point of No Return?, December 25, 2016  


Merry Xmas, Naughty China, Navarro Is Coming to Town,, December 25, 2016  


China's Smog Refugees Flee Poisonous Air,, December 21, 2016  


Will China Retaliate Over Trump's Taiwan Moves?, December 19, 2016  


Yellen Tanks China's Bond Market,, December 18, 2016  


Beijing Commits Act of War, Obama Does Nothing,  The Daily Beast, December 18, 2016  


Trump's Taiwan Call Brilliantly Threw China Off Its Game,, December 13, 2016  


Finally, World Loses Patience with Malicious China Trade Practices,, December 11, 2016  


Playing the Taiwan Card,  The Cipher Brief, December 9, 2016  


Will China Shrink in 2018, Ten Years Ahead of Schedule?, December 5, 2016  


China Restricting Outbound Payments: A Total Ban Next?, December 4, 2016  


Stop Freaking Out, Donald Trump's Taiwan Phone Call Was a Good Thing,  The Daily Beast, December 4, 2016  


Why Donald Trump's Taiwan Call Changes Everything,, December 3, 2016  


To Disarm North Korea, Wage Trade War on China,, November 27, 2016  


A New Way of Looking at China,, November 23, 2016  


China Won't Dominate Global Trade Even If Trump Kills TPP,, November 20, 2016  


Taiwan's Hung Hsiu-chu Freelances with China's Xi on 'One China,', November 16, 2016  


China's Building a Wall. Any Lessons for Trump?, November 13, 2016  


Here's How China and Russia Will Test Trump,  The Daily Beast, November 11, 2016  


China's Meddling Sparks Hong Kong Protests,, November 9, 2016  


U.S., China Rushing Investment Treaty at End of Obama Term,, November 6, 2016  


Duterte's Claims of Diplomatic Success Are Premature,, November 2, 2016  


U.S., EU Say 'No' to China Buying the World,, October 30, 2016  


China's Xi Jinping Creating Succession Turmoil,, October 25, 2016  


Will China's 'Wandawood' Grab the Movie Industry from the U.S.?, October 23, 2016  


China's 'Century' Is Already Over,  The Sunday Guardian, October 22, 2016  


China Claims Three Straight Quarters Growth at 6.7%,, October 20, 2016  


Say Hello to Taiwan,  The National Interest, November/December 2016  


Good News: China Is Fabricating GDP Statistics Again,, October 16, 2016  


China's PLA Faces Budget Cuts, Soldiers Protest,, October 14, 2016  


Now, It's Easier to Invest in an Unstable China,, Ocotber 9, 2016  


Philippine President to Obama: 'Go to Hell' as Asia Alliance Deteriorates,, October 7, 2016  


Obama's Sanctions Finally Hit North Korea Where It Hurts-In China,  The Daily Beast, October 3, 2016  


A Disaster Movie: China Box Office Bombs,, Ocotber 2, 2016  


China's Warplanes Stalk Japan, Unite Neighbors,, September 26, 2016  


How China Stocks Can Be 'World's Best' and 'World's Worst' at Same Time,, September 25, 2016  


Making Humanitarian Aid Work in North Korea,, September 21, 2016  


US-India, China-Russia Exercises Reflect New Alliances,, September 19, 2016  


Who's Benefitting from China's Accelerating Capital Outflow?, September 18, 2016  


Did Kim Jong Un Just Nuke China's Economy?, September 11, 2016  


Why Kim Jong Un Tested a Nuclear Warhead Now,  The Daily Beast, September 9, 2016  


China Wants Everything, But Its Sea Claims Are More 'Core,'  The Cipher Brief, September 8, 2016  


India and Vietnam Unite Against China,, September 7, 2016  


At China's G20, Economics Is the New Militarism,, September 4, 2016  


Even on the Eve of the G20, China Just Can't Stop Being a Bully,  The Daily Beast, September 2, 2016  


Is the Chinese Military Stirring Conflict in South Asia?, August 31, 2016  


Memo to the (Future) President: 5 Things Clinton and Trump Need to Know about China,, August 30, 2016  


India's Grand Gamble with China,, August 28, 2016  


How Do We Deal With a Self-Isolating China?, August 23, 2016  


North Korea Sanctions: We've Seen Nothing Yet,  NK News, August 23, 2016  


America Must Be Ready to Nuke Back Fast,, August 22, 2016  


Despite 'Quantum Leap,' China's Innovation Sector in Distress,, August 21, 2016  


Xi Jinping Purge of Military Brass Continues,, August 16, 2016  


More Gold for China's Li Ning,, August 14, 2016  


As South Koreans Lose Faith in Uncle Sam They Want Nukes of Their Own,  The Daily Beast, August 10, 2016  


'Nuclear Winter' in China's Gold Sector,, August 7, 2016  


China's Coming Population Crisis: Guns vs. Canes,, August 5, 2016  


China Supports Trump, Loses American Electorate,  The Cipher Brief, August 2, 2016  


Everyone's Favorite China Bet: A Cheaper Yuan,, July 31, 2016  


The End of World's Rules-Based Order?, July 29, 2016  


Declaring a No-First-Use Nuclear Policy Would Be Exceedingly Risky,  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, July 27, 2016  


China's Xi-Li Grudge Match Paralyzing Economy,, July 24, 2016  


China Defiant in Wake of Int'l Ruling on South China Sea,, July 20, 2016  


China Finds New Way to Tank Its Economy,, July 17, 2016  


Asia Divisions Deepen after South Korean Missile Defense Deployment,, July 13, 2016  


China Names No. 1 Villain in the South China Sea: Uncle Sam,  The Daily Beast, July 11, 2016  


China vs. Philippines: What's at Stake as the Verdict in the Hague Looms,, July 11, 2016  


Extremely Bad News from China: Forex Reserves Rise in June,, July 10, 2016  


Passivity in the Face of Big-Power Aggression,  Gatestone Institute, July 9, 2016  


Expansionist China and Russia Deepen Ties,, July 8, 2016  


China Just Found Another Reason to Attack Multinationals,, July 3, 2016  


La Tesi Pessimista: Il Punto di Non Ritorno,  Aspenia, June, 2016  


Will Brexit Push China Over The Edge?, June 26, 2016  


America Will Decide If There Is War in Asia,, June 24, 2016  


China Steps Up Provocations,, June 24, 2016  


China's Supremo,  The Cipher Brief, June 21, 2016  


Bad Assets to Soar in China's Interbank Market,, June 19, 2016  


China Likely Cheating, Again, on North Korea Sanctions,, June 15, 2016  


Will Trump Target Disney for Making Movies in China?, June 12, 2016  


US Pressures Kim Regime in North Korea,, June 7, 2016  


Big Investors Dumping China Icons Alibaba and Lenovo,, June 5, 2016  


Make America Meek Again--Why Dictators Dig Trump,  The Daily Beast, June 1, 2016  


Hiroshima, Japan, and the US,, June 1, 2016  


'Very Uncool' in China: Will Starbucks Become Mundane?, May 29, 2016  


American Hopes to Return to Prison Camp in North Korea,, May 25, 2016  


China's Coming Demographic Crash,, May 23, 2016  


China Credit Squeeze, Defaults Are Signs of Coming Crisis,, May 22, 2016  


China's Coming Revolution,, May 21, 2016  


Kim Jong Un Would Eat Trump's Lunch--and Beijing Would Laugh,  The Daily Beast, May 19, 2016  


Apple's Worst Decision in China: Taking $1 Billion Stake in DiDi,, May 15, 2016  


Kim Announces Vague Five-Year Economic Vitalization Plan,, May 13, 2016  


Is There a Secret Deal to End the Korean War?  The Daily Beast, May 11, 2016  


China's Economy Is Past the Point of No Return,, May 10, 2016  


Did China Just Steal $360 Billion from America?, May 8, 2016  


No Weddings, Funerals in North Korea So Kim Jong Un Can 'Party,'  The Daily Beast, May 5, 2016  


Great Power Confrontation in the South China Sea,, May 4, 2016  


Malicious: China Unplugs Apple and Disney,, May 1, 2016  


China's 'Triple Bubble' Economy Poised to Burst,, April 26, 2016  


China's Political Turmoil Worsening, Affecting The Economy,, April 24, 2016  


South Korea, US Can't Wait for Beijing to Approve Missile Defense,, April 19, 2016  


China's Caesar,  The Weekly Standard, April 18, 2016  


China Credit Growing Four Times Faster Than GDP,, April 17, 2016  


China Takes Custody of Taiwan Nationals in Kenya,, April 14, 2016  


Defections Rock North Korea,  The Daily Beast, April 12, 2016  


Is China Counting Yuan as Forex?, April 10, 2016  


Did Trigger-Happy North Korea Take a Shot at China?, April 5, 2016  


More Ammo for Trump: China to Seize Foreign Tech,, April 3, 2016  


China's Show of Force in Indonesian Waters,, April 1, 2016  


Thunder in the East,  Literary Review of Canada, April 2016  


India Wants To Make Everything You Buy,, March 27, 2016  


North Koreans Just Threatened to Nuke D.C.--And They Can Actually Do It,  The Daily Beast, March 27, 2016  


China's 2016 Military Budget Up Only 7.6%,, March 22, 2016  


North Korea's Next Missile Test Could Kill,  The Daily Beast, March 22, 2016  


China Hongqiao Is Devouring the Global Aluminum Industry,, March 20, 2016  


Missile Defense in the Era of Kim Jong Un,, March 15, 2016  


Can Shanghai Disneyland Survive China's Downturn?, March 13, 2016  


What Beijing Gains By Threatening Taiwan Now,, March 11, 2016  


China's Capacity to Project Power Is Going Global,, March 9, 2016  


North Korea May Be Committing Suicide, But Who Will Kim Take With Him?  The Daily Beast, March 8, 2016  


China Sets 'Iron Bottom' Growth Target for 2016,, March 6, 2016  


U.S. Sends Carriers to China's Crimea,  The Daily Beast, March 3, 2016  


As Trade Tumbles, China and Russia Inaugurate New Rail Line,, March 1, 2016  


China Ran a $36 Billion Trade Deficit in 2015 Says Peking U Prof,, February 28, 2016  


Obama Administration's Secret Overture to North Korea,, February 22, 2016  


China's Last Chance: The G-20 in Shanghai,, February 21, 2016  


Could a Missile Defense Plan Turn China on North Korea?, February 19, 2016  


Pyongyang's Never-Ending Purges,  The National Interest, March/April 2016  


With Surface-to-Air Missiles, China Militarizes the South China Sea,  The Daily Beast, February 17, 2016  


Will Kim Jong Un Go to War?  The Daily Beast, February 17, 2016  


Obama Staking Asia Policy on ASEAN Sunnylands Summit,, February 14, 2016  


North Korea's Generals Could Turn Against Kim Jong Un,  The Daily Beast, February 11, 2016  


China Communist Party Elder Speaks Out Against Censorship,, February 10, 2016  


North Korean Nuke-Capable Missile Could Hit U.S. and Be Sold to Iran,  The Daily Beast, February 8, 2016  


China's Forex Reserves May Already Be Below IMF Safety Line,, February 7, 2016  


Where Is China's Central Bank Chief?, February 3, 2016  


Will North Korea's Next Missile Test Wake John Kerry Up?  The Daily Beast, February 1, 2016  


China and Japan: The World's New Currency Sinkhole,, January 31, 2016  


China-Iran Upgrade Their 'Comprehensive Strategic Relationship,', January 27, 2016  


China's Economy Slides, Stocks Tumble, Capital Takes Flight,, January 25, 2016  


Expect New China Capital Controls: 2015 Outflow Hit $911 Billion,, January 24, 2016  


The Keys to Iran's Missiles are in China and North Korea,  The Daily Beast, January 19, 2016  


China's Economy Grew About 1% in 2015,, January 17, 2016  


Add Taiwan to the List of China's Big Problems,  The Daily Beast, January 15, 2016  


Will South Korea Rethink Its Nuke Policy?, January 12, 2016  


How China Could Crash the Global Economy,  The Daily Beast, January 11, 2016  


What Will Replace China's 'Insane' Circuit Breaker?, January 10, 2016  


Have Chinese Agents Abducted Hong Kong Publisher, Book Sellers?, January 6, 2016  


North Korea: We Tested an 'H-Bomb,'  The Daily Beast, January 6, 2016  


China's First Hostile Takeover Battle Ushers in New Era,, January 3, 2016  







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