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China: Tariffs, Tweets, and a Telegram,  Strategika, December 20, 2019  


The Big Hole in the China Trade Agreement,  Gatestone Institute, December 17, 2019  


Beijing Has No Endgame for the Hong Kong Uprising,  New York Post, December 10, 2019  


A North Korea Crisis for Christmas,, December 9, 2019  


China Adopts Malicious "Cybersecurity" Rules,  Gatestone Institute, November 30, 2019  


Now, China Must Relent: Beijing Is Being Intransigent in the Wake of a Historic Defeat in Hong Kong,  New York Daily News, November 27, 2019  


Pro-China Forces 'Annihilated' in Hong Kong Election,, November 24, 2019  


With Rising Violence, China Pushes Hong Kong Toward Civil War,  The Daily Beast, November 12, 2019  


The Great Confrontation With China ,  The Wall Street Journal, November 8, 2019  


Do Not Support China's Huawei, Cripple It Instead,  Gatestone Institute, November 7, 2019  


Do Not Trade with a China that Lies, Cheats, and Steals,  Gatestone Institute, October 21, 2019  


Impeaching Trump Helps the Chinese: Here's Why,, October 7, 2019  


Gordon Chang: China's Communist Party Has Little To Celebrate,, September 30, 2019  


Huawei Wants the World's Next Trojan Horse to Be Chinese,  Gatestone Institute, September 30, 2019  


Hong Kong May Topple Communism,  The Wall Street Journal, September 26, 2019  


Change History: What It Will Take for Trump to 'Win' a Trade War with China,, September 2, 2019  


America Can Stop China from Dominating Artificial Intelligence--And Should,  Gatestone Institute, August 17, 2019  


How 'Thuggish' China Is Endangering U.S. Diplomats in Hong Kong,  The Washington Times, August 9, 2019  


In Hong Kong, It's Now a Revolution,, August 5, 2019  


Gordon Chang: Trump Shows Smart Reaction to North Korea Missile Launches--But His Patience Has Limits,  Fox Opinion, August 2, 2019  


Trumping China on Tariffs: Why the President's Move Hiking Levies Make Sense,  New York Daily News, August 1, 2019  


U.S. Deal with China Saves Huawei, Threatens America,  Gatestone Institute, July 30, 2019  


Will China Invade Hong Kong? Or Taiwan Instead?  The Daily Beast, July 26, 2019  


Xi Changed My Mind About Trump,  The Wall Street Journal, July 25, 2019  


How Google Is Communist China's Collaborator,  The Washington Times, July 25, 2019  


China's Debt Debacle,, July 22, 2019  


Trump's Huawei Reprieve Is a National Security Debacle,  Gatestone Institute, July 12, 2019  


When "Trade Wars" End Badly,  Strategika, July 11, 2019  


Trump's Visit to North Korea is an Alarming Message to China,, July 1, 2019  


Trump Bows to Xi Jinping's Huawei Demands at G20,  The Daily Beast, June 29, 2019  


Gordon Chang: American Industry Is Going to Bat for China to Undercut Trump. What's Going On?  Fox Opinion, June 26, 2019  


Will Trump Rescue China's Communism?  Gatestone Institute, June 25, 2019  


It's Time for America to Break with Beijing,  The National Interest, July/August 2019  


Gordon G. Chang: Could Hong Kong Protests Topple China's Communist Rulers?  Fox Opinion, June 19, 2019  


Desperate Xi Jinping Needs a Win in Hong Kong After Mass Protests,  The Daily Beast, June 18, 2019  


Trump Has Already Won the 'Trade War,', June 17, 2019  


June 4: China's Longest Night,  Gatestone Institute, June 4, 2019  


Kim Jong Un's Reported Purges Spell Disaster for Trump,  The Daily Beast, May 31, 2019  


No Longer a Trade Tiff: China Screams 'People's War,', May 17, 2019  


China Will Probably Blink First: Why They Likely Have More to Lose in the Trade War,  New York Daily News, May 14, 2019  


Gordon Chang: How China's Challenge Will Be Met by America Is a Critical Question--And We must Answer Soon,  Fox Opinion, May 13, 2019  


Dark Days in Hong Kong,  Gatestone Institute, May 1, 2019  


China Rising in the Caribbean,  Gatestone Institute, April 10, 2019  


No China Trade Deal, No Summit. That's a Good Thing.  The Daily Beast, April 5, 2019  


Xi Jinping Is Winning the National Security War,, April 3, 2019  


China's Han Superstate: The New Third Reich,  Gatestone Institute, April 3, 2019  


China Never Was A Superpower--And It Won't Be One Anytime Soon,  Strategika, March 28, 2019  


U.S. Must Put a Ban on Google Helping China Develop a Global Digital Dictatorship,  The Daily Beast, March 26, 2019  


Here's How China Plays North Korea--And Trump,  The Daily Beast, March 14, 2019  


The Hanoi Summit--We Asked Gordon Chang What Happens Next in U.S.-North Korea Relations,, March 12, 2019  


To Disarm North Korea, Hit Hard on Human Rights,  Gatestone Institute, March 12, 2019  


The Militarization of Xi Jinping's China,  Gatestone Institute, February 25, 2019  


It's Time to Stop Talking to Beijing and Start Disengaging from China's Economy,  The Daily Beast, February 16, 2019  


How Chinese Theft Becomes a Global Menace,  The American Conservative, February 14, 2019  


Get China and Russia Out of Venezuela--and the Western Hemisphere,  Gatestone Institute, February 8, 2019  


North Korea and America's Second Summit: Here's What Gordon Chang Thinks Will Happen,, February 6, 2019  


Opposing China's Dangerous Ambitions,  Gatestone Institute, January 24, 2019  


Stop the Summit: Trump Should Not Meet with Kim Again,, January 19, 2019  


Will Trump Pull U.S. Out of South Korea for Kim Jong Un?  The Daily Beast, January 18, 2019  


The Chinese Government Will Have Eyes and Ears On All of Us Someday If the FTC Gets Its Way,  Fox Opinion, January 16, 2019  


Gordon Chang: Is China Gearing Up To Invade Taiwan?, January 4, 2019  


Xi Jinping Thinks China Is World's Only Sovereign State,  Gatestone Institute, January 4, 2019  







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