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Trump's 'Beautiful Vision' vs. China's Imperial Dream,, December 27, 2017  


Trump's National Security Strategy: Global Force for Principled Realism,  The Hill, December 27, 2017  


Trump Ditched America's China-First Policy Overnight,  The Daily Beast, December 21, 2017  


America Talks Big but Acts Small When It Comes to North Korea,  The Hill, December 11, 2017  


While Claiming a Breakthrough for Talks, Putin's Making the North Korea Crisis Even More Dangerous,  The Daily Beast, December 6, 2017  


Is Donald Trump Getting Ready to Attack North Korea?, December 1, 2017  


Trump Is Right--US-South Korea Trade Agreement Needs Fixing,  Fox Opinion, November 29, 2017  


China and the Korean Peninsula: Arming Kim, Gutting Sanctions, Opposing THAAD,  International Journal of Korean Studies, Spring/Summer 2017  


If Trump Launches Armageddon, Is That 'Illegal'?  The Daily Beast, November 27, 2017  


North Korea Is Terrible, but Terrorist? Here's What's Behind the Trump Strategy.  The Daily Beast, November 21, 2017  


Trump Meets Duterte, Death-Dealing 'Trump of the East,'  The Daily Beast, November 14, 2017  


Trump Talks Very Tough on Trade, Now That He's Out of China,  The Daily Beast, November 10, 2017  


How Does Trump Deal With North Korea When He Can't Trust South Korea?  The Daily Beast, November 6, 2017  


Trump Trip: Listen to Japan, Talk to South Korea and Dictate to China,, November 3, 2017  


Coup in China? Bad If There Was, Worse If There Wasn't,  The Daily Beast, October 23, 2017  


Fear and Loyalty at China's 19th Communist Party Congress,  The Cipher Brief, October 18, 2017  


China's 19th Party Congress and How the Mighty Xi Jinping Could Fall,, October 17, 2017  


Why Decertify? Iran's Nuke Program Looks Like It's Hiding in N. Korea,, October 8, 2017  


Can Tillerson Sing Trump's Tune on North Korea?  The Cipher Brief, October 4, 2017  


Smart Money On Bannon as He Takes On China,, October 2, 2017  


Kim Jong Un Declares Korean War Is Back On,  The Daily Beast, September 29, 2017  


Can Trump's and Kim's Insults Lead to War?, September 24, 2017  


When Will We See North Korea's First Mushroom Cloud?  The Daily Beast, September 22, 2017  


What Happens If Trump 'Totally Destroys' North Korea? The Real Fighting Begins.  The Daily Beast, September 19, 2017  


War With North Korea Starts to Look Inevitable,  The Daily Beast, September 18, 2017  


India and Japan Encircle China,, September 17, 2017  


Forget the Latest UN Sanctions: It's Time to Squeeze North Korea,, September 12, 2017  


Will China Revert to Another Maoist Era Next Month?, September 10, 2017  


Trump Considering Embargoing China Over North Korea,, September 3, 2017  


North Korea Says It Successfully Tested a Hydrogen Bomb--Is It Time to Nuke Kim's Economy?  The Daily Beast, September 3, 2017  


North Korea Gives Trump the Middle Finger With in-Your-Face Missile Launch,  The Daily Beast, August 28, 2017  


To Disarm North Korea, Cripple A Large China Bank,, August 27, 2017  


As U.S.-South Korea Military Exercises Begin, Kim Jong Un Threatens 'Second Korean War,'  The Daily Beast, August 21, 2017  


This '301' Torpedo Is About to Sink the S.S. China,, August 20, 2017  


Trump Caves to China Trade Becasue of North Korea,  The Daily Beast, August 14, 2017  


Trump Not 'Dangerous' Enough on North Korea,, August 13, 2017  


As Kim Threatens 'Destruction of the American Empire,' Trump May Start the Next Korean War,  The Daily Beast, August 9, 2017  


Bad Move: Trump Ditches U.S. Workers for N. Korea Sanctions,, August 6, 2017  


The Lindsey Graham Option for 'Handling' North Korea: Death for 'Thousands,'  The Daily Beast, August 2, 2017  


Why China Should Fear Donald Trump's Tweets,, July 30, 2017  


America, The World's Next Factory Floor,, July 30, 2017  


North Korea Economy Shows Surprising Strength,, July 27, 2017  


Top U.S. General Hints at Military Action Against North Korea in a 'Few More Months,'  The Daily Beast, July 25, 2017  


What's Next for U.S.-China Trade after Collapse of Talks,, July 23, 2017  


Trump Puts Squeeze on Beijing over North Korea,, July 17, 2017  


How To Open The China Market: Close America's,, July 16, 2017  


What Liu Xiaobo's Death Says About China's Regime,, July 14, 2017  


Good News for America: Trump Has No China Policy,  The Cipher Brief, July 9, 2017  


Chinese Troops Probe India. This Could Be China's Next War., July 9, 2017  


Trump Needs to Confront China on Korea's Nukes,  The Daily Beast, July 5, 2017  


Trump Dumping 'China First' Policies,, July 3, 2017  


Time For U.S. To Sanction Largest Chinese Banks?, July 2, 2017  


With 'F**k China Month,' Trump Transformed America's Foreign Policy in Just Four Days,  The Daily Beast, July 2, 2017  


China Weaponized N. Korea. Will It Now Disarm It?, June 25, 2017  


High Noon in North Korea: Is Trump Ready for War?  The Daily Beast, June 21, 2017  


State-Sanctioned Murder: North Korea Killed Otto Warmbier,  The Daily Beast, June 19, 2017  


Otto Warmbier Might Trigger Change Of U.S. N. Korea Policy,, June 18, 2017  


North Korea Must Pay for Its Brutal Treatment of an American Hostage,, June 15, 2017  


Dennis Rodman's North Korea Trip Just Saved the World,  The Daily Beast, June 15, 2017  


Inside the People's Republic of Death,  The Daily Beast, June 12, 2017  


Boeing & Airbus: Stop Squabbling, Take On China's Comac,, June 11, 2017  


China Can Disarm North Korea in the Blink of an Eye,  The Cipher Brief, June 9, 2017  


Trump Ditching Paris Agreement Might Actually Save the Planet,, June 4, 2017  


China's Campaign to Shove Taiwan Off the World Stage,, June 1, 2017  


China's Response to Moody's: More Worrying Than the Downgrade,, May 28, 2017  


Showdown: U.S. Moving Third Carrier Strike Group Near North Korea,  The Daily Beast, May 28, 2017  


China's Empty Promises to Rein in North Korea,, May 23, 2017  


Is N. Korea Economy Vibrant Enough to Withstand Sanctions?, May 21, 2017  


A China Policy That Works--For America,  Strategika, May 17, 2017  


Did North Korea Just Get the Ability to Nuke Seattle?  The Daily Beast, May 16, 2017  


Trump's New China Deal May Increase U.S. Trade Deficit,, May 14, 2017  


Will Election of S. Korea Leftist Derail Trump's N. Korea Policy?  The Daily Beast, May 10, 2017  


Beijing's View Of The World,  Defining Ideas, May 9, 2017  


China Finance Minister Leaves Japan for 'Emergency Meeting,', May 7, 2017  


Trump 'Honored' to Meet World's Worst Despot, Kim Jong Un?  The Daily Beast, May 2, 2017  


Trump's Big Mistake: Going Easy on China, Trashing S. Korea,, April 30, 2017  


Is Beijing Serious About Restraining Kim Regime?, April 27, 2017  


When We Almost Went to War With North Korea,  The Daily Beast, April 27, 2017  


Watch Out, Atomic Ayatollahs: Trump Shifts from N. Korea to Iran,, April 23, 2017  


Is China Really Abandoning North Korea?, April 16, 2017  


Behind North Korea's Fizzled Missile: Has China Lost Control of Kim?  The Daily Beast, April 16, 2017  


US Dispatches Carrier Strike Group to Korean Peninsula,, April 14, 2017  


America, Not Duterte, Failed the Philippines,  The National Interest, May/June 2017  


Trump's Weak-Tweet China Diplomacy Won't Stop North Korea Nukes,  The Daily Beast, April 12, 2017  


The U.S-China Showdown at Mar-a-Lago: How Trump Undercut Xi,, April 10, 2017  


Did Trump Just Roll Over on China Trade?, April 9, 2017  


The China Card. Also the India Card. A History of America's Involvement in Asia and the Pacific,  The New York Times Book Review, April 7, 2017  


What Does Xi Jinping Want from Mar-a-Lago?  The Cipher Brief, April 6, 2017  


Why Playing Nice With China at Mar-a-Lago Is Dangerous,  The Daily Beast, April 4, 2017  


China's 'Old Economy' Pushing Aside Its 'New Economy,', April 2, 2017  


North Korea Ready for Its Sixth Nuclear Test?, March 29, 2017  


Did China Just Help North Korea Steal $81M from the Fed?, March 26, 2017  


China's Other Evil Child: North Korea,  The Sunday Guardian, March 25, 2017  


The Mega U.S.-China Summit at Mar-a-Lago: Let Trump Be Trump,, March 24, 2017  


Tillerson's Deference to Beijing or Unfortunate Rookie Mistake?, March 21, 2017  


How Not to Negotiate With North Korea,  The Daily Beast, March 21, 2017  


How China Is Tipping The World to War at Scarborough,, March 19, 2017  


Nonstarter: North Korea's Enablers in Beijing Pose as Neutral Observers,, March 15, 2017  


China Just Handed Trump a Really Good Reason to Retaliate,, March 12, 2017  


Will a South Korea in Chaos Cozy Up to Beijing and Pyongyang?  The Daily Beast, March 11, 2017  


Why China's Military Budget is Larger Than it Appears,, March 8, 2017  


Kim's Killer Chemicals, Spread Far and Wide, Could Target the U.S.,  The Daily Beast, March 6, 2017  


China Trying to Crush South Korea's Economy,, March 5, 2017  


The Grandest Wager,  Literary Review of Canada, March 2017  


China Seeking Global Leadership,, February 28, 2017  


When North Korea Barks, China's Border Shudders,, February 26, 2017  


China Threatens to Deny Passage Rights through Peripheral Seas,, February 20, 2017  


China's Extraordinarily Expensive Recovery,, February 19, 2017  


North Korea: Macbeth with Nukes,  The Daily Beast, February 16, 2017  


Did North Korea Just Launch a Chinese Missile?, February 15, 2017  


Trumporrific! POTUS's Pitch-Perfect Meeting With Japan's Abe,, February 12, 2017  


China's Timed Provocation Challenges the US,, February 10, 2017  


Trump Capitulates to China,  The Daily Beast, February 10, 2017  


Trump Should Sanction China for Destabilizing South Korea,  The Daily Beast, February 5, 2017  


Will Trump's Next Iran Sanctions Target China's Banks?, February 5, 2017  


Missile Defense, North Asia Security on Mattis's Agenda,, February 3, 2017  


Apple Sues Qualcomm in China, Harms U.S. National Security,, January 29, 2017  


Church Condemns Duterte's Bloody War on Drugs,, January 24, 2017  


China Consumption Growth Down--And Heading Lower Fast,, January 22, 2017  


Here's How China Will Test Trump With North Korean Nukes,  The Daily Beast, January 20, 2017  


After Tillerson's Talk About South China Sea, Beijing Threatens 'War,'  The Daily Beast, January 17, 2017  


Can Japan's Abe Bridge the Duterte-Washington Divide?, January 16, 2017  


China's Xi Jinping at Davos, World's Most Powerful Beggar,, January 15, 2017  


Desperate China Engineers Violent Swings in the Yuan,, January 8, 2017  


Trump Tweets, China Retreats,, January 6, 2017  


Will North Korea Conduct Intercontinental Missile Test?, January 4, 2017  


Is Trump Responsible for China's Cash Squeeze?, January 1, 2017  







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