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China Using Covid to Overtake America's Economy,  Gatestone Institute, December 30, 2020  


How Joe Biden Risks the Biggest Giveaway Ever to China in Space,  The Hill, December 28, 2020  


China, the 'Victor Power,' Is Both Arrogant and Insecure,  Newsweek, December 24, 2020  


China Has an Imperial Overstretch Problem,, December 20, 2020  


China's Role in Inter-Korean Relations,  International Journal of Korean Studies, Fall/Winter 2019  


Espionage Emergency: China 'Floods' America with Spies,  Gatestone Institute, December 14, 2020  


China Deliberately Spread the Coronavirus: What Are the Strategic Consequences?  Strategika, December 9, 2020  


Is the U.S. Justice Department Surrendering To China?  Newsweek, December 7, 2020  


'Unrighteous Commerce': Our Responsibility for China's Barbaric Acts,  Gatestone Institute, December 1, 2020  


China Wants Your DNA--And It's Up to No Good,  Newsweek, November 30, 2020  


Cooperate with China or World War 3: Kissinger,  Gatestone Institute, November 23, 2020  


History Tells Us Joe Biden's North Korea Coalition Idea Will Fail,, November 16, 2020  


China Completes Subjugation of Hong Kong, Comes for America,  Newsweek, November 12, 2020  


China Squashes a Giant Ant and Nukes Its Financial System,  Gatestone Institute, November 12, 2020  


Will America Hand Space Dominance to China?  Gatestone Institute, November 2, 2020  


China: Existential Threat to America,  Gatestone Institute, October 30, 2020  


Will China's Digital Yuan Replace the Dollar?  Newsweek, October 29, 2020  


China Is Killing Americans with Fentanyl--Deliberately,  Gatestone Institute, October 21, 2020  


How China Is 'Sino-Forming' the Planet,  Tablet, October 20, 2020  


How to Avoid Hot War With Ruthless China,  Newsweek, October 19, 2020  


Why a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Be a Massive Mistake,, October 13, 2020  


Thanks to Trump, China's Huawei Is Dying,  Gatestone Institute, October 10, 2020  


China Says Killing Americans over Taiwan is 'Morally Justified,'  Gatestone Institute, September 29, 2020  


Chang: Is China Using McKinsey to Spy On America?  Daily Caller, September 28, 2020  


China or America: Who's Really 'Bossing the World?'  Newsweek, September 25, 2020  


Warning: China Retains Algorithm, Loves Oracle's TikTok Deal,  Gatestone Institute, September 22, 2020  


The Chinese Army Flops in India. What Will Xi Do Next?  Newsweek, September 11, 2020  


China Threatens Total Economic War by Dumping Treasuries: Be My Guest,  Gatestone Institute, September 10, 2020  


The Dangerous North Korea,  New York Times Book Review, September 4, 2020  


China's Mega Banks Are in Mega Trouble--And So Is the Chinese Economy,, September 3, 2020  


Avoid War, Defend America, Recognize Taiwan,  Newsweek, August 31, 2020  


Should the U.S. Still Try to Accommodate China?  Gatestone Institute, August 31, 2020  


2012 Scarborough Shoal Crisis: The Blueprint for Joe Biden's China Policy?, August 24, 2020  


Here's How China Is Interfering to Smear Trump Ahead of 2020 Election,  Fox News Opinion, August 17, 2020  


Wall Street Wants More Frauds from China,  Gatestone Institute, August 17, 2020  


TikTok: China's Trojan Horse to Indoctrinate America,  Gatestone Institute, August 10, 2020  


China Threatens a Bold Grab for Japanese Territory This Month. Who's Next?  Newsweek, August 7, 2020  


China Seeds: A Biological Attack on America?  Gatestone Institute, July 30, 2020  


US-China Relations--4 Reasons to Scale Back Diplomatic Facilities in Both Countries,  Fox News Opinion, July 27, 2020  


Mike Pompeo Just Declared America's New China Policy: Regime Change,, July 25, 2020  


Yes, Let's Ban Chinese Communist Party Members,  Newsweek, July 23, 2020  


Nike, Other Global Brands, Complicit in China Slave Labor,  Gatestone Institute, July 21, 2020  


Good Riddance to the World Health Organization,  Gatestone Institute, July 13, 2020  


China Demands Total Obedience From Hong Kong--and Everyone Else,  Newsweek, July 8, 2020  


China Has a Plan to Crush the Tibetan Diaspora,, July 6, 2020  


Why Can't We End the Korean War? Ask Kim Jong-un,, July 2, 2020  


Korea's Eternal War,  One Korea Network, June 24, 2020  


Dump China: Time to End Beijing's Pernicious Tech Empire,  Gatestone Institute, June 24, 2020  


Kim Jong Un Dumps Trump,  The Daily Beast, June 14, 2020  


China Is Stoking Racial Tensions in America,  Newsweek, June 3, 2020  


China: What We Must Do, What We Must Not Do,  Gatestone Institute, June 1, 2020  


Trump Is Right to Ditch 5 Decades of Failed US-China Engagement Policy,  Fox News Opinion, May 30, 2020  


Taiwan: "The Struggle Continues,"  Strategika, May 29, 2020  


Gordon Chang: China's Economy Is In Deep Trouble,, May 27, 2020  


In North Korea, a Crisis of the First Order If Kim Jong-Un Is Dead,, April 28, 2020  


China Is Flailing in a Post-Coronavirus World,  Strategika, April 23, 2020  


Trump Right to Stop Funding World Health Organization Over Its Botched Coronavirus Response,  Fox News Opinion, April 15, 2020  


China Using Coronavirus to Annex the World,  One Korea Network, April 12, 2020  


Trump Right to Attack WHO on Coronavirus--UN Agency Deserves Even Harsher Criticism,  Fox News Opinion, April 9, 2020  


China Should Pay a Financial Cost For Its Coronavirus Lies,, April 6, 2020  


China's Fake News: Its 'Superior System' Defeats Coronavirus,  Gatestone Institute, April 6, 2020  


Donald Trump Can't Cooperate with China on Coronavirus,, March 22, 2020  


China's Real Disease: Not Coronavirus,  Gatestone Institute, March 17, 2020  


China Falsely Blames US for Coronavirus Pandemic,  Fox News Opinion, March 12, 2020  


Coronavirus Is Killing China's Factories (And Creating Economic Chaos),, February 24, 2020  


Why Is China Blaming America for Spreading 'Panic' Over the Coronavirus?, February 13, 2020  


Coronavirus: Death of Dr. Li Wenliang Rocks China,  Gatestone Institute, February 12, 2020  


Fighting the Coronavirus Outbreak, China Has Gone into Full Totalitarian Mode,  The Washington Times, February 3, 2020  


Trump and China Agree to Trade Truce--For Now,  The Daily Beast, January 15, 2020  


China Is Destroying Multilateralism; Trump Is Creating a New Order,  Gatestone Institute, January 14, 2020  


China in the Mediterranean,  Strategika, January 10, 2020  


Did North Korea Just Make a Grave Mistake?, January 1, 2020  







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